Animal Life Cycle in the Coral Reef

Do you want to learn about the animal life cycle in the coral reefs? I would like to so here is some information. First lets start with sea slugs when they are born, they are plank tonic larvae. As they get older they start to grow their shells, but when they reach maturity, they loose their shells. As they reach their dying stage, they stay in their shells. Next we have crabs. At birth they are very tiny and have white coloring. When they reach the youth stage, they develop chitin! As they mature, they receive strong claws. During the dying stage, they live in their shells.

Then there is the most important of them all, coral.when they are first born, they look like milky clouds. The next stage in a coral’s life cycle is the youth stage. During this time they divide constantly. After that, they are pushed along by the currents so  the coral can find their mates. Sea  stars. When they are born, they look like mini stars. As they start to mature, they get stronger tentacles. Did you know that they produce 19 million eggs during this time? Towards the time of dying, they slowly move to the ocean floor.

– By Brandy C. Moore

Weird, But true.

Coral can change their gender when ever they want.

-By Conrad A. Paganini


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