Human Impacts On Coral Reefs

To begin this section on human impacts, I will explain the ways humans have effected the ocean & coral reef’s population. First, Ocean pollution. This means the ocean becomes full of unwanted waste. Also we clump garbage in the ocean and harm sea life. Then we create flotsam ( The part of a wreckage of a ship and it’s cargo found floating in the water) This is when the sea becomes polluted with oil and gases. Last but not least, fertilizer damage which occurs when too many plants and animals grow, so humans take the animal’s and plant’s homes near and around the ocean. For us to improve these problems, there are many things we can do such as clumping trash into landfills. As humans we don’t realize that we are the cause of all these problems, but we steadily complain.So, on that note I think we should stop complaining and take back our oceans!

-By Brandy C. Moore


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